Enerco Nigeria Limited is a limited liability company registered in Nigeria in 1996 with its core business in Civil Engineering Construction. Enerco belongs to a number of International Civil Construction Associations thereby it has consequently developed elaborate and tested Project Management and Quality Control System.Enerco has been in the Construction Industry since 1996 with its area of concentration in Roads, Bridges, Earthmoving works, Drainage works, Building, Water Networks, Dam, Dredging, Piling, etc.We undertake these areas of operation with dedication to turn imaginative ideas into product and services. The applications of the art technologies, qualified manpower, and the modern equipments have been the main contributors for the successful execution of our projects in the last twenty years.

We have achieved considerable success since 1996 when the business commenced. From the humble beginning, we have developed and expanded our activities from South-South geopolitical zone then to all the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

We have a number of projects completed, handed over to the clients while some are ongoing. Each project has its own peculiar condition which could be political, environment, or geographical location; notwithstanding, we learn something new from each project and apply what we learned to the uccessive projects. This accumulation of knowledge and expertise is the cornerstone of our reputation as a quality contractor.We have over the years developed sound central decision-making process integrating Quality Control and Health, safety and Environment issues.This process helps us to meet the xpectations of the Federal Government, State Governments and the Oil and Gas Industry by anticipating and responding to any critical challenge where necessary, while also contributing to the minimization of the loss, and thus to the profitability of our company and our valued clients.We ensure we meet all promises without compromising safety while applying the highest quality standards.